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Links to Non-bassoon Stuff free manuscript paper. If you ever need just a sheet or two of manuscript paper, just print it out from this site. You can choose how many staves per page, whether to have clefs, how dark to have the lines and much more on this straightforward site. And it’s absolutely free! Much better than going and spending money on a book of manuscript paper that you might not use again for years.  here you can buy a book by Philip Johnston called The Practice Revolution. This  is aimed at music teachers and is full of useful techniques to help you or your pupils master those tricky passages which seem impossible and motivate you to achieve your goals. sarrusophone audio clip and home page ( links to other strange beasts has notices of concerts, reviews of concerts and CD’s, articles and  discussions etc.

Links to Bassoon related Youtube videos  . Gwydion Brooke playing the bassoon solo (Berceuse) in Stravinsky’s Firebird with Stravinsky conducting (1965). Shows great detail of his much modified keywork and the unique shape of his crook. The Manufacture of Schreiber bassoons.  . Bye Bye Reed. See Terry B. Ewell doing circular breathing. is on the lighter side.   . Not bassoon related but still very funny. . A student conquers the Rite with the perfect reed. . The things we do to earn a living! . Bassoon playing up to top A above the treble clef stave!  . A Bassoon Quartet playing an arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody. The medoly line soars up above the Rite of Spring top C and D up to a top F (as in the West Side Story Suite) and then keeps on getting higher. There’s a Top G then a B flat and then a C above the treble clef! a YouTube video showing how Robert Williams of the Detriot Symphony Orchestra makes his reeds. Lots of lovely equipment to drool over.

Links to Obituaries of Bassoonists

Charles Cracknell died May 1997:
Gwydion Brooke died in April 2005:,,1452935,00.html You might need to log in to the Times website to see this.
Michael Chapman died July 2005: You might need to log in to the Times website to see this.
Lewis Hugh Cooper died April 2007: and
Brian Wightman died July 2007:
This obituary (click here) was published by Double Reed News, the magazine of the British Double Reed Society ( ),  and is reproduced with their kind permission.
William Waterhouse died November 2007:,,2207997,00.html and You may need to log in to the Times website to see this.