The bassoon reeds that I sell are identical to those that I used in my twenty-one years as Second Bassoon at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (London).

After they have been 'blown in', these free-blowing reeds will produce a thick, warm, full, mellow tone free of 'reediness' and with good reliability and stability. They are particularly suitable for playing second bassoon parts.

They are very responsive, especially in the lower register and are particularly stable in pitch with a wide range of dynamics. This is achieved in part by my reeds being wider, both at the throat and the tip than some other reeds. Although they may not be best suited to playing concertos and extremely high passages, they are for most repertoire, very easy to live with. As such, they suitable for professional and amateur players and also beginners and students.

All reeds are handmade by myself, finished off, tested and sterilised before being dispatched. After they have been formed into blanks, all my reeds are left to stabilise for as long as possible, usually for as long as eight weeks before being finished off which can itself take a long time since final adjustments are better if done a little at a time. So, if there are no reeds in the 'pipe-line', there may be a delay in completing orders. I normally expect to get orders sent off within a couple of weeks.

My prices are as follows:
£11 per reed
10 or more reeds: £10 per reed
Postage and packing: £2.00 on all orders within the UK and £2.50 elsewhere.

For orders within the UK, please pay by cheque; printing out and posting this Order Form . I will only pay the cheque into my bank when I have sent the reeds off.
For orders outside the UK, please order online using this secure Paypal on line shop (you do not need to have a Paypal account).
If you do not have a cheque book, you can email me using the  Contact Form  to order your reeds. Please be sure to say how many reeds you would like and let me have your postal address. Also, please be very careful to give your email address correctly!! I can then send off your reeds enclosing an invoice with details of how you can pay either through Paypal or bank transfer.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me .